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The 2nd of the annual Hitit International Congress on Security Studies, in the first of which 130 different works from 76 different institutions were presented, organized by the Department of International Relations at Hitit University will be held online on 09-11 December 2022. The congress aims to be a platform where traditional and contemporary issues in security studies are discussed, and new perspectives are put under the spotlight by bringing researchers interested in the field of security together. The main theme of this year's congress will be, but not limited to, “The Changing Global Security Architecture: New Threats, Actors, Roles and Structure of International Institutions”. As detailed in the topics list, the congress aims to make a comprehensive evaluation of security studies in terms of theoretical and conceptual frameworks and contemporary dimensions of the fundamental issues.


Security, international security in particular, has been one of the most studied subjects since the foundation of the International Relations discipline. Security studies, a dynamic field where a new additional dimension is included every day, faces new questions and problems because of changes within the discipline and international politics. On the one hand, the state-centric understanding of security, a reflection of traditional approaches, still subsists; on the other hand, perspectives seeking the subject of security in the individual and society transform the existing literature. Besides, critical approaches based on the assumption of relativity and political instrumentality of security perceptions also enrich this literature.


The congress aims to bring researchers and valuable scientists together to revisit and discuss various issues in the field of security studies such as "international security, ontological security, migration studies, intelligence, energy politics, environmental security and policies, terrorism, defence industry, economic security, cyber security, crypto economy, geopolitics, regional studies, criminology, transnational crimes, war and peace studies, conflict and crisis management, public security”. The objective of the congress is to provide a stage to have comprehensive academic debates and scientific publications that will contribute to the literature.


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