Aim and Scope / Call for Papers


The Hitit International Congress on Security Studies , an esteemed academic assembly organized by Hitit University's Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences – Department of International Relations, has in its previous two editions, showcased approximately 300 seminal papers presented by esteemed academicians, researchers, and subject matter experts. As we approach its third iteration, scheduled for 1-3 December 2023, we are pleased to announce an evolved format — a hybrid model allowing delegates the discretion of either digital participation or in-person attendance.


The congress's foundational premise is to provide a distinguished forum, deliberating on both perennial and emergent issues intrinsic to security studies. This endeavour seeks to illuminate avant-garde perspectives by convening luminaries and dedicated researchers from the security realm. For this edition, our central theme revolves around “Pursuit of Peace and Security in Global Agenda.” However, it is imperative to note that our purview is expansive, striving for a rigorous analysis of security studies, harmoniously intertwining theoretical constructs, conceptual paradigms, and the immediacies of prevailing issues.


Since the genesis of the International Relations discipline, international security has been a focal area of rigorous scholarly inquiry. Security studies, a vibrant and continually expanding domain, unfailingly assimilates novel dimensions daily. Owing to intrinsic metamorphoses within the discipline, coupled with the ever-shifting paradigm of global politics, fresh quandaries and intellectual challenges incessantly surface. Within this kaleidoscopic global milieu, marked by ceaseless intricacies, a meticulous examination of the diplomatic overtures advanced by global protagonists becomes indispensable. Furthermore, a nuanced evaluation of their strategic adaptabilities, policy architectures, and the salient strengths or potential lacunae therein, assumes critical significance.


In this vein, the congress endeavours to congregate an assemblage of illustrious scholars and pioneering scientists to engage in profound deliberations spanning a vast array of topics in security studies. This includes, but is not limited to, "international security, ontological security, migration studies, intelligence dynamics, energy geopolitics, environmental security paradigms, terrorism, defence industry mechanics, economic security, cybersecurity, the crypto-economy, global geopolitics, regional geopolitical analyses, criminological studies, transnational crime patterns, war and peace dynamics, conflict resolution, crisis management methodologies, and overarching public security.” Our supreme objective is to curate an intellectual space that promotes incisive academic dialogues and engenders erudite publications, thereby fortifying the existing corpus of academic literature.